See what people are saying about the music and this project!

"A Silicon Valley Experience"

From June 18 concert

"I enjoyed the combination of music and art"

"The Sensemo was so cool" MM (aged 10)

"Interesting and unique"

"It was the best concert ever"

"You were amazing, we loved the colors, we loved the art" 

"Incredible playing, great music" 

"Our guests were all commenting on how wonderful everything was and what a delightful treat to hear Hazel and Justin in our home.  They are not only two wonderful musicians but such true performers.  Many of my friends felt quite honored."
Leslie Marks 
"On behalf of the residents of Saratoga Retirement Community I would like to thank Justin and Hazel for the wonderful performance yesterday. I heard so many great comments yesterday, they really enjoyed your presentation."  
Ellen Fattal, Saratoga Retirement Community

From mDAC 2016 participants

"It was awesome to see how the music inspired the artists, each enhanced the other"

"I really needed that music and I needed to make some art" MW

"Your performance was definitely one of the highlights of the summit! Most inspiring!l NL